Why Do You Need Backlit Film for Led Light Box?

Backlit Film is called as Translucent film or backlit film ,it is a kind of film paper , it is not ordinary paper ,but designed to be used in the backlight.

Backlit film paper is one special translucent material which allow light to pass through from the backside of the banner, and with your graphics imprinted on this special backlit film paper ,it would be illuminated by leds, thus when the led light shines through from behind , your graphics would light up and very eye-catching in night time.
With this type of inkjet backlit film, you can create stunning, illuminated displays for your business ,so that grap the eyes of pass-by .

Since it called as translucent , it means partially transparent, so not 100% clear. This backlit film is blank ,you can print your graphics from your printer .This inkjet printable film sheet has a coating ,it provides superior water resistance, scratch resistance and fade resistance. and this backlit film paper is compatible with both dye and pigment ink printers.

Your Images come alive when lit from behind on this inkjet coated PET film. The matte side is designed for mirror-type printing for use with illuminated frames and reverse lighting setups.

This inkjet printable backlit film works great with displaying your own photography at home or at the office. Great use for highlighting pinball machine images, designs and graphics. Inkjet Backlit film is printable on the matte side of the sheet.
Our inkjet backlit film rolls are suitable for light boxes and outdoor illuminated signage

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