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Aluminum Clip Lightbox Display

Does your business need a bright and impactful ettractive sign ads to attract attention? These these Illuminated snap frames would greatly help you!

Illuminated snap frames help you to promote your business, display menus, and place adverts in different locations. Lighted snap poster frames are used to highlight retail signage and posters. All four sides of the snap frame opens by hand and snap close to grip the poster.

The lighted snap frame has an acrylic back panel ,it provides attractive illumination to your graphic transparency in front of customers.
This quick loading lighted snap frame makes your sign look professional and projects a bright, eye-catching image to your customers.

These aluminum illumianted poster frame are suitable to showcase your poster,graphics,listing,special offer ,menu item and other ads. By way of illumination ,your lighted signage would get more brightness for your business.

Illuminated Led Snap Poster Frames feature LED Technology, Many Sizes Offered!

Short Description:

*Backlit aluminum snap menu lightboxes
*Crafted with a lightweight, durable aluminum frame
*LED Light Guide Panel bright and even light distribution
*Open from four sides, easy to change the artwork
*Energy efficient LEDs offer a energy-saving but bright poster frame
*High Quality LED Components and acrylic LGP(light guide plate)
*Mounts horizontally or vertically
*Can be custom made ,either in silver or black profile
*Wall mounted with hooks, can ceiling hanging
*Ideal for retail stores, hotel,restaurant,lobbies,boutiques and real estate agents

Technical Details:

√Led light color: single white led
√Frame color: Black color & grey color
√Brightness: Above 3500lux with DC 12V
√With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours,about 8-10 years
√Orientation: Landscape or portrait are available
√Technics of LGP: quality acrylic LGP,laser engraving technique
√Panel design: Sharp corner display or round corner display
√Power: AC100-240V,DC24V
√Panel size: A0,A1,A2,A3,A4 and other custom size

This front loading snap aluminum Frame lightbox is made of quality anodized aluminum material,it feature snap type frame ,which thus make it is easy to change graphics from front. Snap frames lightbox allow you to easily remove and replace your artwork and poster graphics. Simply by lifting all four sides of the frame and snapping them back down onto the artwork ,then it will hold the single sided poster in place
The advertisement light box display come in 25mm(1 inch) finished profile and it is satin anodized silver finish,it can be hung either horizontal or landscape orientation.

This attactive ,yet slim aluminium frame led light pocket displays are equipped with edge lit LED panels,it increase your brand exposure , and thus create a stunning visual display, it gives a great illumination to your ads and signage or message for your business.

Our poster lightbox dramatically enhance your promotion, business, brand or advertisement ,they are ideal to be used in both indoors or outdoors ares,these lighted sign displays are great to showcase menu,graphics,poster,special offer ,notice,they are widely used in hotel,restaurant,school,museum,theather,lobbies airport etc.

We specialise in design, manufacture and distribute all kinds of led light pockets ,includeing slim lightbox, restaurant light box,magnetic front open lightboxes,menu light pockets,wire cable hanging systems,wall led light pockts, snap frame lightox, soft fabric lightbox, outdoor lightbox, freestanding lightbox,

Model Poster Size External Size Visual Size Thickness Power SupplyBrightnessLight SourceThickness
SDLDS-001A4210x297mm333x246mm 291x204mm 10mmDC24V,AC100-240V
SDLDS-001A2420x594mm 456x630mm 414x588mm 10mmDC24V,AC100-240V
SDLDS-001A1420x594mm 456x630mm 414x588mm 10mmDC24V,AC100-240V
SDLDS-001A0594x841mm 630x877mm 588x835mm 10mmDC24V,AC100-240V
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LED illuminated signs

Aluminum poster Light boxes, using LED technology, give you the ability to create long-lasting and brightly-lit presentations. These wall lightbox display frames feature a slim, snap frame design for mounting your poster graphics to a wall or flat surface.

*With a depth of 19mm (3/4″) and 25mm wide silver aluminium frame
*Snap frame front lightbox for easy and quick replacement of posters
*Edge lighting embedded in the quality LGP ensure even and a bright illumination
*Poster printed on translucent paper – ideally on backlit film for the most vivid effect.

This lightbox use quality LGP, the light is evenly diffused across the specially treated panel creating an eye-catching wall display.

Lighted movie poster frames consume less energy than traditional fluorescent fixtures,it can save up to 60% energy savings compared to fluorescent light boxes.

poster lightbox
backlit film paper

Backlit paper /back light film is specially designed to make your window display stand-out from the crowd.

These white, frosted finish are perfect for led light boxes, illuminated photo frames and LED backlit menu display,they can be printed by ink-jet ,laser or inkjet printers.

We have quality in-stock matt spray backlit paper ,in 160gsm,250gsm in A3 and A4

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