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LED Illuminated Sign StandoffS

Sign standoff supports are designed for visual displays and merchandising systems, signware products, light fixtures,they securely hold your signage in place,present your sign & poster display a professional appearance.

Mruiks Display has a variety of high-quality Standoffs and Standoff Systems at the best prices anywhere around! From Inexpensive Aluminum Standoffs and Stainless Steel Standoffs to backlit standoff system.
Our affordable sign standOffs are offered in many kinds of sizes and style to fit your most display project . These sign standoff & hardware are good for all of your interior and exterior application. They are ideal for mounting signs, poster, plaques, glass panels, photographic frames, artwork, etc. You can use most any kind of panel materials or clear acrylic from 1/8″ to 3/4″ thick overall.
These metal sign standoff allow you to mount your sign ,poster or graphics in front your customers in three-dimensional look,they would stand out your ads.

Illuminated Sign Standoff MRKSD-002

Modern LED sign Standoffs are integrated LEDs between the body of the standoff and the screw-on flat cap,they add backlit illumination to mounted graphics, posters or signs,thus create amazing illuminated signage and displays. These led illuminated standOff kits are custom made to accommodate side-firing LEDs,which are powered at 12 voltage.
This led sign standoff is very energy efficient,it just consume 4 watts per unit, but can produce a 40 lumen, cool white output with an approximate 10,000 hour bulb life,that is why these led illuminated standoff are becoming popular in many bussiness .

Our led standoff mounts hold are ideal for transparent panel,like acrylic ,PVC,glass and other plastic material ,they hold your signage or graphics away from the wall ,presenting a 3-dimensional look for your bussiness ,so that attract passer-by and customers to notice your ads.

Led Sign Standoff MRKLSD-003

Led Backlit signs provide a visual excitement to your sign and office space. Our backlit signs are illuminated with low-voltage ,these led clamps are ideal for direction, signage ,graphics, ads or your company logo, it present your signage in a 3-D impression ,great to grab the attention of passer-by. So the attractive led clamp are perfect for hotel, restaurant, library, portrait displays, museum, lobbies, Real Estate, retail store, shopping mall, Window Displays, estate agents, backlit displays, chain stores and office etc.

These illuminated sign clamps are suitable for transparent panel, like acrylic, pvc, glass etc ,they great to stand out your sign and poster
This led sign clamp fit 2~8mm thickness, it ranges from 80mm to 380mm

Ceiling Hanging Display System MRKCD-009

Wall mounting wall clamp are designed to hold sign panel in placement,great to create a non intrusive signage display, it would give your signage a professional appearance.
These mount sign clamp are perfect for retail (product displays), offices (displaying corporate information) and exhibitions.

Our mounting sign clamp are available in 80cm,120cm,180cm ,280cm ,and 380cm

Picture Hanging Display Rack MRKPH-018

The aluminum signs clamp is designed to mount the panel horizontally to the wall
,so that create a 3D sign that will help draw attention to your business! it is great to showcase direction information,company logo,graphics ,perfect for stores, offices, reception areas and even building exteriors.

This wall sign fixing are used to hold marketing material up to 10mm max,it doesn’t need to drill hole on the wall, ideal to hold acrylic,wood,glass,plastic et,great for retail stores,trade show, museums, office &waiting room, exhibition halls etc. Its length available in 80,120,180mm

Aluminum Sign Edge Grip MRKEG-001

Modern adjustable edge grip is made of quality aluminum material ,it is chrome finished .
The mounting sign standoff mounts glass, wood,plastic ,acrylic or metal panels,it can be adjustable and allow to hold these material range from 3/16-inch up to 9/32-inch thick,it doesn’t need you to drill any hole on the marketing material.

Our quality sign standoffs are available in 3 size ,including 16x19mm,19x25mm and 25x37mm,they are perfect for any office, lobby,museum,banks,hotel, lounge, waiting area or other public areas.

Aluminum Edge Grip Standoffs MRKEG-002

This moden aluminum edge grip standoffs are suitable for mounting sign panels made of glass, wood or metal 3/4-inches off the wall,it is hold your panel from the side,no need to dril hole on your material.

These sign standoffs create eye-catching, three-dimensional sign displays,they are perfect for use in an office, lobby, lounge, waiting area or bank
Each standoff measures 1″(25mm) in diameter, total height is 1.4″(37mm)


4 Way Sign Standoff MRK4S-001

Stylish 4-way sign fixing or standoff hub, made of high quality and durable aluminum material,designed as metal standoff hub,used to support panels or signage in a 90 degree continuous flow, it creates a unique way for the poster and wall graphics display.

The 4-way sign fixing measure 25mm in diameter and holds the panels 25mm away from the wall,it accommodate 8mm panel,suitable for glass,acrylic,wood,PVC,metal and other material etc.

4 Way Edge Grip Standoffs MRK4S-002

Modern 4 way edge grip standoffs,, Diameter: 1 1/4”, Thickness: 3/8′, made of quality aluminum material ,it can hold your poster without drill hole,allowing for an easier and more secure installation.

The 4 way sign standoff are widely used in an museum,office, lobby, bank ,galleries, conference room,waiting room ,retail store etc

Sign Cable Clamp MRKSCC-001

Cable Panel Clamps designed for cable hanging system, attach to suspension system wires,it can be used with virtually any existing cable display system, simply attach to cable with set screws.

This sign panel holder is made of high quality aluminum, it will never get rust, it is suitable for substrates up to 8mm thick panel,it is avaiable in vercal and horizontal format .

These Cable Shelving clamp has two design ,include single and double side clamp .

Sign Cable Clamp with Self-lock MRKSCC-001

The Self-Gripping sign is made of quality brass,it is also known as cable panel clamp or sign and picture hanging systems ,it come with an additional set screw to self-lock the panel tightly,it is used to secure and hold panel or shelves whose thickness less than 8mm in placement with incredible flexibility,so you can change shelving or layout configuration with ease.

As the set-screw of the lower support goes directly through the panel and it is secured with a nut,so this self-Gripping sign and panel support is highly secure,it is suitable to used in public area.

With more than 10 years of experience in backlit sign & poster displays , our team will professionals to help you with the best advertising solution for your business.
From simple poster displays to complex shelving solutions,we provide a wide choice of components offer almost limitless design possibilities.

Our cable hanging kits are suitable for applications such as:

Storefront & retail displays
Directories & corporate displays
Real estate window displays
Create wire shelving

Mruiks Display are a manufacturer and supplier of display and signage solutions. Our wall mount standoffs are a great option for any business that wants to display signage in a professional and elegant manner. They are easy to install and offer the benefit of providing additional security and protection for your signage.

Except these metal sign brackets,we also supply you variety of display signs, banner brackets, real estate signs, indoor and outdoor lighting, illuminated sign brackets, and more—plus all of the hardware solutions you need for any application.

You can purchase sign standoffs for installing individual signs & poster, or for Cable Display solution.

Where our sign standoff can be used?
These signs standoff are widely used in professional settings, like office buildings and retail stores for a variety of purposes, including:

Directional signs
Lobby Signs (Often Logos)
Room Number Signs
Restroom Signs
Logo Signs
Hours of Operations Signs
POP Signs
Sign Letter

What Kind of Standoff Signs Are Available?

Standoff signs can be made from all kinds of materials, including aluminum,stainless steel,brass,iron etc, which making them one of the most customizable and distinctive looking signs you can use in cooperate office building or business area.

Some of the most common materials used for these signs include:

Acrylic – This material can have the same clear or matt finish.
Plexiglass – Plexiglass is also a kind of acrylic material, but actually a littler harder and more durable than acrylic panel.
Glass – It’s hard to match the high-quality look of glass signs.
Brass – Brass has a timeless, attractive appearance that can make a big impact when used for award signs & plaque, dedication signs etc
Aluminum – Aluminum is extremely cost effective, lightweight, and easily customizable.
Wood – Mainly MDF,which is easy to fabricated in any shape as per your needs
Signs made of some materials, like acrylic, plexiglass, and glass, can also be fabricated with varying levels of opacity to create a transparent, translucent, and completely opaque effect.

To get started on a custom order of backlit dispaly ,sign standoffs or cable display system or to learn more about our products, give us a call today at 86-15976867748 or email us at:

Let Mruiks Display help you design, create and install standoff signs for your business today.

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