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Counter TV Lightbox Display

Short Description:

*Counter TV style illuminated menu poster frame
*Feature magnetic front panel,fast to change graphics in seconds
*High bright and evenly lighting
*Bring your image to life with an incredible and bright effect
*The display angle can be adjustable as your like
*Ideal to showcase listings,poster,Ads,sign etc
*Widely used in retail store,care ,hotel,bar etc
*Avialble in 19inch,25inch,40x60cm and other custom size

Technical Details:

√Led light color: single white led
√Frame color: Black color & grey color
√Brightness: Above 7000lux with DC 12V
√Orientation: Landscape or portrait are available
√Technics of LGP: quality acrylic LGP,laser engraving technique
√Power: AC100-240V,DC24V

The stylish magnetic led lightbox is counter or desktop display ,it look like TV ,and the base can be assemble easily ,so very convenient for transporataion. it feature a clear acrylic front panel with magnetic closure,which allow you to change the poster or menu fast. This ultra slim TV style counter magnetic led lightbox display offer a virtually frameless appearance that maximizes the available display area and ensure the most even light distribution possible,thus create a powerful eye-catching displays and bringing your promotional graphics to life.,it is a great marketing solution for retail stores to promote your new listing or special services at the cash desks

Such magnetic led light box with aluminium frame provide the best solutions for illuminating promotional posters, graphics and signs. These led light pockets are the latest visual display and extremely effective advertising tool, they are the combination of colour and illumination to attract the eye of potential customers,it is greatly to increase not only customer traffic but also for your promotional sales in double effect or even more!

Wall Hanging TV Lightbox Displays

Short Description:

*TV style LED light box advertising display for printed signage
*Available in landscape and portrait format,size can be custom made
*Ideal for mounting on walls or suspending from ceilings
*Hanging pole are supplied,angle and height can be adjustable
*Perfect for hotel,restaurant,bar,coffee and tea shops

Technical Details:

√Led light color: single white led
√Frame color: Black color & grey color
√Brightness: Above 7000lux with DC 12V
√Orientation: Landscape or portrait are available
√Technics of LGP: quality acrylic LGP,laser engraving technique
√Power: AC100-240V,DC24V

Ceiling hanging LED light boxes are a great way to stand out your message, illuminating your printed graphics and poster attractively, enhancing brand awareness, and generating sales. This TV-style led lightbox is our new design product; it is used to display your menu or new promotion, widely used in hotels, cafes, restaurants, tea shops, bars, etc.
The TV-led lightbox consists of an aluminum alloy frame and quality LGP. It features an ultra slim design(just 22mm thick) and has a magnetic front panel sandwiched by a magnetic, so it is speedy to change the picture or graphics in seconds. Such TV lightbox display is used to wall mounted or ceiling hanging; its hanging pole can be adjustable in different lengths and angles.

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backlit film paper

Backlit paper /backlight film makes your window display stand out from the crowd.
These white, frosted finishes are perfect for led light boxes, illuminated photo frames, and LED backlit menu displays, inkjet, laser, or inkjet printers can print them.
We have quality in-stock matt spray backlit paper, in 160gsm,250gsm in A3 and A4.

Our High-Quality Counter TV Lightbox Display

This impressive lightbox display is perfect for any advertising or promotional campaign. It features a backlit window that high quality displays your logo or message. Plus, it’s easy to set up and use so that you can get the most out of your promotional campaign! You buy the lightbox, assemble it onsite at your advertising location, and in a few minutes, you have a cost-effective way to display promotional products up to 7.5″ x 16″. Since this package comes with four displays

The Circular Screen Branding Light Boxes are manufactured from 24-gauge steel brackets bent into an A-frame with extensive duct tape foam insulation sandwiched between each bracket for protection of the screen. The triple-layer foam insulation helps isolate the screen from road vibration, other vehicles impacting and ground noise. The lighting is an E-Z UP light fixture that runs on a battery or 120v voltage. There are two switches, one for on and another marked OFF. One switch operates the entire frame with no dimming at all, while the second allows you to manually control the brightness of the overall illumination display panel.

This TC lightbox is also good for LED portrait displays.

This specially designed lightbox is perfect for any large promotion, including an open house, sales prospecting, Window Property Displays, backlit displays or trade show displays. This louvre backlit display features a clear professional non-reflective LCD screen that enables your message to be seen clearly by passer-by while maintaining the dignity of the operation in place at all times. The crystal-clear face and unencumbered view through the door are yet another reflection of our commitment to providing you with high-quality products at an affordable price.

Mruiks also Supply High-Quality Estate Agent Displays.

Get high-quality Real Estate Displays from us. With Mruiks Display, you can be assured of top-quality graphics and a very cost-effective price. We make it easy for you to get the ideal real estate window display that will help promote your brand in an eye-catching way. When it comes to estate agent window displays, there are endless possibilities for what can be displayed. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or something a little more creative, Mruiks Display has the perfect display for you. With our large selection of high-quality estate agent displays, there’s sure to be just the right graphic for your business. And with our easy checkout process and low prices, getting your display is easy money! So, don ‘t wait any longer, choose Mruiks Display for all of your real estate advertising needs!


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