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Installing your backlit window displays is very easy work, if you follow the steps below. You can do it by yourself—DIY Installation … No special tools or skills required . No need to be an expert!

So when you buy these led light box ,how to install it ?

Here is the step guide you how to finish the work :

1. Before you instal the cable hanging system ,you need to make some mark for place where you would install the lightbox. For top and bottom on both sides

2. After you mark the position ,drill one hole on the wall or ceiling ,and then put on the fixing plate and fix it tightly, repeat it for the floor place

3.Attached the wire cable to the tensioner,thread through the required amount of cable unit the cable is tight. Re tighten this insert & cut off the excess cable as per your needs .maybe you need to hang 1,2,3,4 or 5 each column ,then you can cut the length as its specific length.

4.Screw the outer body of the tensioner onto the floor fixing.

5.Repeat Step 1-4 & you should now have both Cable Systems constructed.

6.When you put on the wire cable and fitting ,then attach the clear acrylic pocket on the wire cable on both sides through the sign clamp. The light panel comes complete with cable connections. Before you fit the light panel make sure it is the correct way up, the pocket should open from the top. Once you have decided on where the light panel is to be fitted, remove the Allen screw from the connection on the light panel and attach to the cable. When you are happy the light is level, tighten the screw.

7. In the last step ,check the whole cable hanging system and see the screw are installed well ,whether cut a small opening on the wire cable ,so that it can be conductive when connect the power supply . If everything is ok,then connect it with that 15cm long wire cable to connect the adapt ,then turn on the power supply ,it would light on . Congratulation ,you do a great job! Click Here to Explore our all products.

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