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We are a professional manufacturer and supplier for backlit sign & display, located at Humen, DongGuan City, which is very near to Shenzhen airport, about 30 minutes.

After 12 years of experience in manufacturing backlit sign displays, our quality products have been exported to many areas all over the world.
Throughout more than 10 years, We have provided great display solutions for thousands of customers to expand their brands and increase their business. Currently, our customers are mainly from America, the European area.

We have a professional team who hold the full production line from raw acrylic sheet choosing and cutting, LED guide plate silk screen printing, carving and polishing, reflective film sticking, hanging hardware accessory installing to goods packaging. we customize to make a wide range of affordable, innovative, and well designed backlit displays, led sign display, real estate led window display, backlit wall signs, and illuminated signage for Real Estate offices, letting agencies, Retail store, Travel Agency, Hair Salon, Banks, hotel, theater, museum, gallery shop, etc.


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