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We supply a complete line of multifunctional cable display systems for you. By utilizing a combination of cable hanging systems and panel supports, you’ll be able to DIY modern and effective wall or window displays. These display systems provide you much the possibility to custom design your favorite display system, they can be easily configured and reconfigured for interchangeable graphic panels, signage, product displays, modular structures, and much more.

The simple design allows for very quick and easy to install, it can be changed as often as needed to suit different design layouts. Our display systems are practical and elegant and have proven to be the best choice for a display solution for a Corporate Office, Real Estate Agents, Lobby, Museum, Art Gallery, Exhibition, etc.

Wall-to-wall Cable Display System MRKWD-010

Wall to wall cable display system is designed to be fixed from wall to wall, it is an innovative display system that combines wire cables with mounting fittings, panel and shelf support clips together, supports for wood, acrylic, or another panel.

These wire hanging display fittings can be used for shopfitting, visual merchandising, shelving, and art galleries, they are great for creating window displays and interior displays. This cable display system includes cable fixings, poster grips, single &double panel supports,single&double shelf supports. It is ideal for posters, signs, shelvings, banners, artwork, directory boards, our cable hanging system would create a unique fixture in retail stores, real agencies, hotel and information centers

Ceiling Hanging Display System MRKCD-008

Cable hanging display systems are ideal for the home, museums, exhibit, art galleries, corporate office, shelving, etc
The display cable hanging kits are very common in the window fronts of many real estate offices, it includes 4m long braided cable which come with the ceiling and floor fittings. This display cable feature a satin silver finish, which looks professional and nice in any location

Our cable hanging kits allow you to combine acrylic poster sign pockets with graphic panels to create custom P.O.S retail displays.

Ceiling Hanging Display System MRKCD-009

This modern ceiling hanging display kit includes 3m long stainless steel and 1 top & bottom tensioner fittings, it hangs your poster, artwork, and lightbox from ceiling to floor.

Each of these stainless steel wires is only 1.5mm thick to create a stylish modern display, they are usually supplied in 1.5m,2m, it allows you to add more pockets to your display or cut to size so that to better meet the layout of your business.

The wire cable kits are very easy to install, you just insert the stainless steel wire rope into the top and bottom assembly, then it would be tightened with the turn-buckle. The ability to tighten or loosen the wire between the clamps is controlled by moving the round knob on the lower clamp, which makes you change the rope or re-install the kits in seconds without any tool.

Picture Hanging Display Rack MRKPH-018

Satin silver quality picture hanging display system, made of high-quality aluminum, it will never get rust, DIY your great project.
These innovative suspended hanging displays offer incredible flexibility for your advertising material, so you can change shelving or layout configuration with easy

Our picture hanging display system is easy to install and adjust, it is ideal for acrylic, glass, wood, etc, the maximum panel thickness is 6 mm, this wire cable hanging system gives your display item a nice modern look, it is suitable for home/exhibition/office/lobby/lounge/waiting area/bank decoration and another area.

Ceiling Hanging Display System MRKCD-009

Ceiling Cable Hanging Hardware MRKCH-006

This suspension cable system can be fixed from the ceiling to hold your advertising material, it provides flexibility and great tensile strength for your gallery or arts.
The cable hanging kits are used to hold 6mm board thickness, suitable for glass, wood, acrylic, etc

The ceiling hanging sign display system is popular with commercial and shopping areas, it is great to hang billboards, acrylic, plastic glass, artwork, large picture and direction signs from the ceiling, used as way-finding or directional sign holders, the suspension sign hanging systems are widely used in restaurants, real estate, hotel, cafe shop, museum, school, and retail businesses to advertise specials and current offerings.

Cable Hanging System MRKWH-015

The top and bottom fittings and supports feature Self-Gripping, which means it can lock the wire cable stably once you go through the gripper, so the hanging display system greatly ensures the sign pocket safely.

The suspension cable kits come with top & bottom tensioner fittings and stainless steel wire rope for you to trim to size. This Wire Suspension hanging Kit provides you with flexibility and ease, allowing for creative displays anywhere

Sign Cable Clamp MRKSCC-001

Cable Panel hanging Clamps designed for cable hanging system, attach to suspension system wires, it can be used with virtually any existing cable display system, simply attach to cable with set screws.

This sign panel holder is made of high-quality aluminum, it will never get rust, it is suitable for substrates up to 8mm thick panel, it is available in vertical and horizontal format.

This Cable Shelving clamp has two designs, including single and double side clamps.

Sign Cable Clamp with Self-lock MRKSCC-001

The Self-Gripping sign is made of quality brass, it is also known as cable panel clamp or sign and picture hanging systems, it comes with an additional set screw to self-lock the panel tightly, it is used to secure and hold panel or shelves whose thickness is less than 8mm in placement with incredible flexibility, so you can change shelving or layout configuration with ease.

As the set-screw of the lower support goes directly through the panel and it is secured with a nut, so this self-Gripping sign and panel support are highly secure, it is suitable to use in public areas.

With more than 10 years of experience in backlit sign & poster displays, our team will be professionals to help you with the best advertising solution for your business.
From simple poster displays to complex shelving solutions, we provide a wide choice of components that offer almost limitless design possibilities.

Our cable hanging kits are suitable for applications such as:

Storefront & retail displays
Directories & corporate displays
Real estate window displays
Create wire shelving

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