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Q1: Can I use any type of paper in the LP  Real Estate Window Led Display?
A1:Ordinary paper is ok,but backlit light film would make your grpahics present better effect.

Q2: What printer and type of paper should I print on if I decide to print myself?
A2:Use a high-quality inkjet printer with backlight film (type of paper). We can provide you with the printer and backlit film

Q3: Whether it is easy to install the cable light box system?
A3: Yes,it is very easy to install it ,you just attach the cable .Actually ,we would provide you guide or video for installation.So please no worries about that .

Q4: Shall i hire an electrician to install LED window displays?
A4: No necessary . it is really simple to install with our guide .we would actually guide you step by step. Everyone can know how to install it ,so you don’t need to hire electrician.

Q5:Is it safe to install or use the cable window display system?
A5: Sure ,it is very safe to use the light box ,as it is working with low voltage(only DC12V,OR DC24V).

Q6: Can you provide us sample?
A6: Yes, we can custom made sample for you at production cost for the whole kits(1.5m long cable,0.3m track rail,clear acrylic pockets,sign clamp,local adapt)

Q7: Are the lightbox easy to change poster?
A7: Sure. it is easy to change the poster without any tool. Actually ,for the fixed mode of light panel ,we have 2 kinds .one is led lightbox with standoff ,which need you to unscrew the standoff and replace the poster. The other is magnetic front panel,which just slide the front panel ,which is sandwiched by mange ,so very easy to change your graphics in seconds.

Q8: Can different sizes and orientation of panel be combined in the same column?
A8:Sure ,in each column,you can actually hang the light pocket in different size and orientation,either in landsacpe or portrait format,which provide the best present solution for your business.

Q9: How long can you provide us the cable?
A9:Basically ,we provide standard 1.5m long cable for you and if you need longer ,we can provide your longer cable as per your needs .

Q10: What is the warranty for real estate window led display?
A10:We supply 24 months warranty on window display and its parts. Check Our window display and its parts.

Q11: What is the brightness of your cable window display ?
A11: Normally ,our brightness for these light box are 5000lux .but for special reqirement of customers ,we also can provide more bright ,they can reach up to 7000lux.

Q12:Will you provide us the design for window display?
A12: Yes ,you can We will work with you and design a FREE window display solution that . You just need to tell us your dimensions of your windows or interior,and we would provide you the best suggestion for you,to best utilizes the available space .

Q13:Do you provide custom design for prints?
A13: No. we dont’ provide custom design for print ,but we can digital print for your artwork. Jpg,pdf,cdr format are acceptable

Q14:How long can i receive my order?
A14:For sample order,we can do it for you in 2 days. For bulk order,we can ship out the goods to you in 1 week.

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